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The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund Continues to Provide Wellness Support

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created an unforeseeable hurdle in the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund’s efforts to…


Raising The Bar on our Instructor Training

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund is working with our LIUNA Training Centers across Canada as well…



Grand Opening of the new state-of the-art LIUNA Local 837 E. H. Mancinelli Training Centre in Grimsby, Ontario.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund and LIUNA Training Directors discuss upcoming projects, programs, and innovative training curricula. (Held at LIUNA Local 837 E. H. Mancinelli Training Centre)

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund hosts a wellness symposium to discuss issues such as cancer prevention and care, responsive pharma care, and comprehensive health and welfare tracking.

LIUNA and LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund work closely with our partners in the Indigenous community through outreach, training, and education.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund, works with our industry partner to ensure our LIUNA training centers have the latest training delivery technology.

LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund holds health screening events for members & staff, throughout the year. This July 2023 we hosted a health fair for the Local 183 membership where we provided health screening services to approximately 1,000 LIUNA members.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund has developed & delivered a comprehensive instructor development program for existing & new LIUNA instructors across Canada.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-fund, along with our industry certification partner, Corrodere, and our training partner, the LIUNA Local 837 training center,  host a training & certification program in surface preparation and the application of protective coatings.

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