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The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund Continues to Provide Wellness Support

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created an unforeseeable hurdle in the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund’s efforts to provide our regular Health and Wellness screening support to our Local Unions and membership.  Prior to Covid-19, the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund was able to reach thousands of LIUNA Staff and members across Canada to provide wellness information, education, and support through screening and strategic Health and Wellness partnerships.


With social distancing protocols in place, we have not been able to do our wellness outreach through health fairs and regular seminars.  However, the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund has found a way to pivot around the problem and deliver wellness to our Local Unions, Training Centers, and members.


For the last two years, the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund has been providing wellness care packages for each of our LIUNA Locals across Canada.  The packages are sent via courier and contain sunscreen lip balm, sunscreen packets, bug repellant towelettes, face masks, and hand sanitizer, to name a few.


Through this care package outreach, we can continue our wellness messaging on Sun Sense, Cancer prevention, Hydration, Harmful Insect bites, Brain and Spinal Health, Mental Wellness, and Covid-19 safety and prevention.


We hope to return to our regular Health Fair schedule in 2022, so we continue our much-needed health screening for cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure levels, as well as our wellness education and outreach initiatives.


We are looking forward to returning to our in-person Health and Wellness services.


Stay Safe.

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