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Promoting & Protecting the Safety & Well Being for LIUNA Members

Through the support of LIUNA General President O’Sullivan, General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni, the General Executive Board and, especially, our Vice President and Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Canada, Joseph S. Mancinelli, the Canadian Tri-Fund continues to stress the importance of member wellness and preventative education.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund represents LIUNA and our membership on several Health & Safety Boards, Committees and Review Panels to ensure that our worksites are safe and our membership has access to the most comprehensive and current Health and Safety Training.

The Canadian Tri-Fund, in partnership with Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA), takes a three-pronged approach to health and safety issues: education of the front-line membership; health screening and education for LIUNA and its affiliates; and information and assistance for our signatory partners.

The Canadian Tri-Fund works to promote wellness programs for the betterment of our membership. Through awareness campaigns, we endeavour to educate our members on the health issues associated with sun exposure, worksite hazards, smoking and dehydration, to name just a few.

The Canadian Tri-Fund, in partnership with LIUNA, will continue to work for the safety and well being of LIUNA’s membership through new safety programs, health screening, wellness initiatives and health and safety research.

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