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LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund

Delivering National Representation for all LIUNA Members.

Follow the conversation on safe pipelines in Canada


The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund is committed to representing the LIUNA membership across Canada.

As our name suggests, the Canadian TRI-FUND has three main focuses: Wellness Promotion Health & Safety; Training Development and Recruitment; and, Legislative Affairs and Marketing.


The Canadian Tri-Fund embodies the principle of Labour-Management Cooperation in all that we do. From fighting for safety legislation and regulatory change to establishing the most comprehensive training programs, we are building a better workplace and providing a highly-skilled workforce.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund has the opportunity, on a daily basis, to work with our LIUNA leadership, Local Unions and Training Centres across Canada, to improve the lives of our membership and their families.

The partnership we have developed with our Signatory Employers allows us to work together to provide the most productive and safe workforce in the country, while remaining at the forefront of construction technology and know-how.

As the Executive Director of the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund, I am proud to work with our 22 Local Unions, 2 Provincial Councils and 19 Training Facilities, on behalf of our 100,000 LIUNA members in Canada.

We look forward to continuing our good work on your behalf.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

John Mandarino
Executive Director

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